Military Studs Eating Cum

Lance Corporal Ryder is proud to be a Marine and loves his job. He’s straight as can be and loves the chicks. Seaman Matthew, on the other hand, hated the Navy, is glad he’s out, and seems to easily know his way around the inside of other soldiers’ pants.

When the porn comes on, these two start swapping stories about life in the military. Ryder is a bit more of a prankster and has lots of fond memories of him and his buddies up to no good. When the stories end, they get a bit more serious as they get hard through their pants. Seaman Matthew is the first to cave and whips his dick out to pound it without all that pesky cloth in the way.

Watch our young Seaman quit watching the porn altogether to concentrate on the Marine next to him. It starts with a few glances and eventually becomes a full on stare. Whatever works, because before you know it, Matthew is hard as a fucking rock. Ryder soon follows and they both work their hard cocks up and down.
 Once again, Matthew is a leader of men as he takes charge and without asking goes down on the Lance Corporal. He’s obviously sucked a dick or two in his lifetime and proceeds to work our Marine. Ryder simply closes his eyes and lets Matthew do his thing as the Seaman gives Ryder’s dick a tongue bath. He works the tip hard and then moves on to deep throating the Marine’s big hard rod.

In the end, Matthew is the first to blow and lets his thick, throbbing cock spew a nice gooey load all over his own dark pubes. Not to be outdone, Ryder lets loose an explosion of cum that flies everywhere before Matthew comes in to lick what’s left off the tip of the Marine’s satisfied cock.


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